Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Open Letter to Cliffy B and some words on the industrys bad attitude towards PC Gamers.

Okay this is probably kind of late but I've just recently been informed by Cliffy B that as a PC gamer who uses the second hand market I am a pirate stealing money from his pocket and food from his babes mouth.

“Here’s the problem right now; the person who is savvy enough to want to have a good PC to upgrade their video card, is a person who is savvy enough to know bit torrent to know all the elements so they can pirate software.”

Thanks. Because I know how to build and change simple hardware on my machine, I'm obviously also trying to steal games. There is no chance that I would actually buy your game legitimately. Of course not! It's not like I spent money on building a PC fast enough to play Gears or Crysis so I could steal those games which are a fraction of the cost!

Or perhaps spent that money I saved stealing PC games on one of the consoles because more and more this is the attitude of game creators: PC gamers are pirates who can't be trusted and will not buy your game accept for the one guy who does and shares it with the rest of us on our pirate ship.

In short, Cliffy B: FUCK YOU!

And no, I will not buy a 360 to play Gears or War 2. Because I'm a PC game stealing wizard who hasn't found a game worth having a 360 for that isn't on PC—late and perhaps DRM'd to hell but still.

Wanna know why the PC version of Gears or War didn't sell?
You release Gears of War for PC a whole year after the fact and expect sales to be great? Of course not. Which leads me to my next point.

Release your PC port the same day as you release the fucking console version. Get this, I would have bought Gears of War AND Batman Arkham Asylum the very day it dropped and probably many more that escape memory if it they had dropped the same day. But...they didn't and I miss out the general excitement of everyone playing, thus: I have no motivation to spend $50 dollars on a game no one else is still playing. I can wait till I find it at Big Lots or at Target marked down for like $9.48.

Or worse! USED!

Cliffy B has also made disparaging remarks on the second hand market. I guess you just need everyone to buy your game new first day to be happy at all. Guess what asshole? Your games will not always be WORTH spending the $59.99 price tag on. Most PC gamers are on a budget, we have car payments, we have a mortgage, we have kids and they are much much higher priority than pleasing your wallet. So yeah, if I can't find your game later on new at a price I like, yes, I will go on and yes I will go to Gamestop and find it for a 10 spot. Perfectly legit.

Now let me take a moment to say I do not endorse piracy. I do not encourage people to steal or pirate games. I am an honest PC gamer who is miffed at how little love the industry is giving us. I am going to explain the general complaints we PC gamers have against the industry and why I can understand people pirating games. See it works in short like this: when you accuse a kid of doing drugs, constantly checking and nosing threw their stuff to find it and make a big stink about it and put oh so many protections around him so he doesn't do drugs, what do you expect that kid to do?

The correct human answer is: Get pissed he is constantly accused of doing drugs so go out and do them anyway out of spite!

Thats the way PC gamers feel now. We have been neglected and bullied by horrible DRM and by late late release dates. Now in Gears of War's defense, they did add a few gidgets into the PC version. But that still doesn't make all amends. Batman and Street Fighter IV both were games I wanted to play first day with friends. Both games I haven't bought because of how awful a wait was imposed and if I'm gonna wait, I'm going to wait until it drops to a reasonable price.

Now, the main reasons:

Incredibility bad DRM

Bioshock released a demo that wasn't even workable on PC and gamers who bought the thing on the first day were surprised to find that the DRM servers were crashing and EA was no where to be found for support. Thus, PC gamers who bought the game first day were actually BETTER OFF downloading a cracked version that didn't require such things. Now, I completely understand why that particular DRM measure was in place, but the customer service and the speed at which they addressed the issue was subpar at best. It was as if they were punishing it's PC gamer base for being honest and for not buying it on console.

That's not getting into the evil of activation limits. Activation limits punish the legitimate user while adding no real security to the disc. If someone is going to pirate a game, they are going to find a way around such an activation limit. All it does is fustrate the player and prevent them from passing the game on to a friend when they are done. Which, CliffyB, second hand gaming is a good thing! Especially with sequels dropping with some frequency, it's not a bad thing to let someone play Gears or War 1 used, love it, then when Gears 2 drops they buy it FULL PRICE because of the awesome experience. If someone hadn't of loaned the guy that game he wouldn't have bought you would have lost a sale and a fan. Good job, hero.

Hell, get this: I found Bioshock for $14 bucks. I know Target was probably taking a hit on it but guess what? I'm in freaking love with that game and if Bioshock 2 drops for PC first day, guess who is buying it on good faith EA learned some manners after the Bioshock 1 fiasco? For full retail!

CliffyB, you are out of touch with the PC gamers that made you and you're an asshole which is why if I ever play Gears 2, it will be used. Mostly out of spite for you're harsh generalized and if I may say, stupid comments on the PC gaming community.