Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some words on current gaming events in relation to the PC.

PC gamers in recent time have been given the shaft. I've just upgraded my PC in hopes of playing some awesome games but I fear my catalog may soon run short. Lets run down largely abreviated list of bad news headlines that have been coming down the pipe.

Crytek making next major title multiplatform.
Deadspace 2 receiving no PC port as EA reconsiders PC market.
Assassins Creed 2 and future Ubisoft titles holding draconian DRM

...and Infinity Ward's chairmen have been given the boot. Wait...Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was actually buggy as all get out, had no dedicated server support and to make matters worse they charge a $10 premium for the PC. Actually, fuck that. That may bee a good thing. I wouldn't mind seeing Infinity Ward's heads go back to basics, make another IP for PC that sells like crazy and has Bobby Kotick at there door begging them to come back.

Speaking of Kotick, he has went on record saying that Activision should charge MORE for games. I mean...because Activision releases such worthwhile things **ahem BAND HERO haha ahem cough and doesn't pay there employees for them.

His actions have lead me to buy Battlefield Bad Company 2. I traded in my copy of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare for it and I am pleased as punch that while I paid a cool $39.99 for aforementioned game—41.83 if you consider the water bill for a cold shower as a related expense—I have the smug satisfaction of contributing to the second hand market Activision loves so very much while directly funding a competitor. Feels good man!

Either way, I suggest doing the same. However, console gamers as a whole are lemmings who trade and buy games frequently as farts. The problem is that console gamers don't vote with there wallets. They do, but they don't vote for favorable change. When the RED RING OF DOOM was discovered did everyone go sell there X-box 360s and buy a Playstation 3's? Which might encourage Microsoft to actually fix the problem still with us today?

No...people still buy the 360, people still buy Call of Duty 4: Modern KNIFE and wonder why gaming is starting the slow descent into casual mainstream madness.

The end result of this behavior pattern is parallel to music's descent. I worry that if we don't keep standards high for games like we do now, we will soon find ourselves in a world much similar to today's music scene where over produced hyped cardboard passes for good.

Well in good news: Valve is still around, still making great games and god bless them for it! Good games for PC anyway, there 360 and PS3 ports of the Orange Box is a joke. as it should be. Thus: The Valve Effect.

The Valve Effect (adj.):Phenomenon where a great video game which originally was a PC exclusive is ported to consoles to the effect of diminishing its values due to complex console engines, loss of graphical detail, or otherwise unruly control schemes.

What I think the PC needs to keep up in the game is another Half Life 2. Half Life 3 is around the corner so lets hope it proves as effective as 2 was for getting people psyched about PC gaming again.